When it's Time for Lime!

We sell lime by-products and limestone type products predominately to the coal industry as well as chemical and soil remediation companies.

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Soil Restoration

Correct acidic and pH soil levels to optimize grass growth

Limestone Products

Dolomite, Calcite, Quartz, Basalt, Feldspar, and more

Mine Soil Restoration

Products to improve soil affected by mining activities

Helping you do your part!

Environmental Focus

Dust-free loading and unloading of our products

Steel Slag

Neutralize acidity and precipitate metals in AMD impacted waters

Other Products

Calcareous By-Products

We deliver our quality products via pneumatically equipped vehicles, tractor-trailer dump, triaxle dump, and bagged.

  • Lime, Quicklime Fines
  • Crushed Limestone Products
    Spent Lime
  • Limestone “Sands”
  • Lime Kiln Dust – Cement Kiln Dust
  • Calcareous By-Products
  • Steel Slag

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